Trick-or-treating in downtown Macon offers more than candy

From the new town of Macon:

On Halloween night, Monday, October 31, NewTown Macon will be hosting sleight of hand tricks in downtown Macon from 4-7 p.m. Thirty-six businesses and organizations will open their doors to families with children in Macon’s central business district and distribute candy and other goodies

“Each year we are overwhelmed with the number of families enjoying downtown Macon and interacting with downtown merchants during Halloween,” said Emily Hopkins, NewTown Macon Manager and Main Street Macon Manager. “Downtown is an inclusive space for every Masonite and it’s one of the ways we invite every member of our community to enjoy our urban streets.

Several companies have expanded their Halloween offerings this year and are hosting festivals during treat times. Emerson at Plum and Fall Line Brewing Co. will activate its outdoor spaces with carnival games and Serenity Entertainment Complex will host a Halloween Kids Party

Other organizations that do not have a storefront in the pedestrian area of ​​the urban core also participate. Macon Mayhem and the Macon Centreplex will set up shop downtown with candy and Book Em will be stationed at The Bohemian Den for a giveaway of books. Additionally, WGXA will activate an aisle with activities.

“As Chair of the Main Street Macon Events Committee, it has been a great honor to work with members of our community to help bring some normality back,” said Felicia Howard, owner of Felicia’s Cake Factory and President of the Main Street Macon Events Committee. “We want to provide space for celebration and it’s really important to us to continue that tradition and provide more programming that appeals to families of all demographics to enjoy what downtown Macon has to offer. “

A list and map of participating businesses and organizations and NewTown Macon sponsored activities are available at

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