Tap water alert in dozens of Breton municipalities



Dozens of Breton municipalities have been ordered not to drink tap water following an ammonia leak in a river.

The accidental spill into the Aulne River came from the Vol-V factory in Châteaulin, Finistère, the prefecture said, and forced the operator to shut down the plant for several hours.

Officials recommended that residents of 50 municipalities avoid using tap water which has not been previously boiled for drinking and washing raw fruits and vegetables to eat until “the analysis confirms the safety and quality of the water”.

Tap water can still be used for cooking and sanitary purposes.

Pending the results of an expertise and new tests, several communities attached to the Alder have taken measures.

In Quimper, the water supply is currently coming from other sources, after the authorities temporarily cut off the link with the supply from the Aulne.

In Briec, Locronan and Quéménéven, bottled water is distributed, “with particular attention to the most vulnerable people”.

All affected subscribers have been warned individually, according to Quimper Bretagne Occidentale. For other municipalities, the prefecture invites users to contact town halls for precise information on water distribution.

The affected towns and villages are: Argol, Bénodet, Briec, Camaret-sur-Mer, Cast, Châteaulin, Clohars-Fouesnant, Le Cloître-Pleyben, Crozon, Dinéault, Edern, Ergué-Gabéric, Le Faou, La Forêt-Fouesnant, Fouesnant, Gouesnach, Gouézec, Gourlizon , Guengat, Hanvec, Le Juch, Kerlaz, Landévennec, Landrévarzec, Langolen, Lanvéoc, Lennon, Locronan, Lothey, Peumerit, Pleuven, Pleyben, Ploeven, Plogastel-Saint-Germain, Plogonnec, Plomodiern, Plonéis, Plonéyvezuffan, lès-Quimerch, Port-Launay, Pouldergat, Quéménéven, Quimper, Roscanvel, Rosnoën, Saint-Coulitz, Saint-Evarzec, Saint-Segal, Telgruc-sur-Mer.


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