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Colombo, October 1: The exaggerated negative portrayal of the current situation in Sri Lanka is putting a strain on the hard-hit tourism sector, making it increasingly difficult to move towards recovery, a newspaper said on Saturday. .
Despite several attempts by industry players to share the improvement of the situation of tourists, so that they are protected from the challenges of the national economy, the campaigns of some NGOs to help the country in these difficult times prove to be counter-effective, the Daily Mirror reported.
Tourism industry stakeholders shared that as a result of these campaigns, it was unfortunate that major source markets felt that Sri Lanka was not equipped to meet the needs and desires of international travellers. .
Attending the IFTM in Paris was an eye-opener for the tourism sector as it raised the perception of the Sri Lanka destination on the international platform, according to the report.
“Having visited tour operators in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and other key source markets, it is disappointing that the only frequently asked question is ‘is Sri Lanka suffering from a food shortage? ‘ This is followed by ‘don’t children face malnutrition?’ said the Sri Lanka Association of Inbound Tour Operators (SLAITO).
Campaigns by UNICEF, Lions Clubs International in Sri Lanka and various INGOs to raise funds to feed children in Sri Lanka, using images of undernourished African children on their publicity material, have degraded the image of the island nation, the association said.
SLAITO claimed that irresponsible statements by local authorities as well as images of street protests forcibly suppressed, the negative images broadcast around the world far outweigh any positive publicity efforts.
All this at a time when the need of the hour is to earn foreign currency for our basic needs, for which tourism is the ideal industry,” a SLAITO official said.
“We need the collective support of all Sri Lankans to help rebuild the tourism industry and in doing so, to help emerge from this economic crisis, in a sustainable way, earning the necessary hard currency instead of relying solely on the donations, the official said.

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