Majorca tops Easter holiday bookings by major tourist markets

Data analysts Dingus and TravelgateX indicate that the Balearics are currently heading Easter reservations of the main tourist markets – Germany, United Kingdom, France, Scandinavia.

Bookings would be up 47% compared to Easter last year, with hotel nights up 50%. Dingus business development manager Paula Servera says that although bookings for the Balearic Islands are currently 58% of what they were for Easter 2019, there is still a month to go. In 2019, more than 30% of reservations were made on the last thirty days before Easter.

TravelgateX places the Balearic Islands above the Canary Islands and the Caribbean, adding that last-minute sales will be key over the next few weeks and that these could depend on the war in ukraine.

Dingus explains that their forecasts are conservative. “Scenarios vary from day to day.” Even so, there is positive indicators for hotel reservations. As for the impact of the war, they say there was a break in sales for Spain over the weekend of February 26-27. Since then, sales have increased in the usual way for the month of March.

The war seems to benefit tour operator packages, as these offer the greatest security when booking. There are also, for example, more flexible cancellation options than with online travel agencies. Germany will lead the Easter sales for the Balearic Islands, in particular for Mallorca, with a Spanish market that should be strong, reflecting “the proximity and security of the Balearic Islands in the current situation”.

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