India’s first-ever submarine train will soon be operational

In a first for the country, the Hooghly River Undersea Tunnel will likely be operational soon. Reports indicate that the Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC) has extended its east-west corridor, which would span the Hooghly River for around 500m, to incorporate twin tunnels.

The underwater metro is one of a kind and is compared to the Eurostar, which connects London and Paris. If estimates are to be believed, the train will travel to a depth equivalent to a 10-story structure when submerged. Twin tunnels have been built with 1.4m wide concrete rings, which will form the underwater part of the metro train. In addition, to prevent water from entering the tunnels, they have been equipped with hydrophilic seals.

According to reports, the project has been completed at a cost of around INR 8600 crore and will likely be operational by March 2023.

Howrah metro station will be 33m deep and will be the deepest in the country. Currently, the Hauz Khas in the Delhi Metro is currently the deepest, with a depth of 29m. Additionally, the tunnel will have exits for emergencies like earthquakes.

Recently, a new underground metro station for the East-West Corridor was also opened and inaugurated by Union Minister Smriti Irani. Four additional metro stations at Esplanade, Mahakaran, Howrah and Howrah Maidan would be added to the railway. Between Mahakaran and Howrah stations, the tunnel will cross the Hooghly River in just under a minute.

  1. Which city has the first metro tunnel in India?
    About the project. The Kolkata East-West Metro Line is being constructed by Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRCL).
  2. What is India’s first underwater metro service?
    The Kolkata East-West Metro Line is being constructed by Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRCL) and is the undersea tunnel that will pass under the Hooghly River.
  3. What is the longest underwater tunnel in India?
    The East-West Metro Tunnel is an under-construction undersea river tunnel of the Kolkata Metro in Kolkata, West Bengal, which is constructed under the Hooghly River. The length of the tunnel is 10.8 km and its width is 5.5 meters (18 ft).

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