French-Toast Breakfast to support the homeless community in Paso Robles

A local group spent the morning hosting a French-Toast breakfast for the homeless community at Pioneer Park in Paso Robles.

Local advocates come together to provide freshly cooked meals to the North County homeless community.

Chris Ferreira, who is an emergency room technician at Twin Cities Community Hospital and Aurora Williams, who is the LAGS Recovery Center Development Manager, hosted the event.

Both see themselves as mental health advocates who seek to support people who are homeless.

William said the idea started after seeing homeless people being discharged from hospital and having nowhere to go afterwards.

Volunteers go out twice a week to make deliveries and provide resources to those in need.

In addition to providing religious material and prayers for those who wish.

“I think right now we’re at a point where this northern county needs a safe parking lot,” said Aurora William, a mental health advocate. “We’ve got so many people, there’s no shelter capacity, uh, there’s no place to go, the weather has changed, it’s going to start getting cold again, raining and freeze Where are people going?

William hopes to expand what volunteers are able to provide for the homeless, such as cheap places to sleep and shower.

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