Europe’s best-known street artists denounce Putin’s war in Ukraine

IIn the popular 13th arrondissement of Paris, a young girl dressed in a lilac-colored dress and vinoka wreath of flowers and ribbons, proudly waves the Ukrainian flag as she crushes Russian tanks under her Mary Janes. She is the creation of street performer known as Seth, whose fresco appeared on Buot Street just three days after Russia invaded Ukraine. The prints of the work, entitled “Onwards Ukraine”, are sold out at $55 a popwith all proceeds being donated to two non-profit organizations helping Ukrainians.

In the nearly six weeks since Russia invaded Ukraine, EuropeProminent street artists have created an array of anti-war murals that are popping up in cities across the continent.

Street art has become a huge tourist draw around the world, with tourist boards promoting the creative bona fides of their destinations with walking tours and festivals. A search on the activity’s marketplace Viator organized nearly 95,000 street art tours.

Here is a selection of the latest works from some of Europe’s most prominent street artists.

TVboy in Barcelona, ​​Spain

A new work by Italian street artist Tvboy depicts an imprisoned Putin in an orange jumpsuit. He recently appeared outside a Tony shoe store in Placa Sant Jaume at the artist’s adopted home in Barcelona. One would be hard pressed to find a more prominent place to exhibit a work of art in the Catalan city. The large, flagstone-covered square is also home to the Palau de la Generalitat, the seat of government of Catalonia, and is a traditional gathering place for festivals, political demonstrations and sporting celebrations.

Harry Greb in Rome, Italy

The prolific Roman street performer known as Harry Greb reimagined Putin on the cover of Time magazine, the Russian president’s forehead stained with a Gorbachev-style birthmark shaped like Ukraine. The work is displayed on a wall along the shady Lungotevere dei Tebaldi, the boulevard that runs along the Tiber.

Big Ben in Lyon, France

In his hometown of Lyon, in a square named for peace, the French street performer known as Big Ben painted a mural of Vladimir Putin ripping a dove’s head off. It is a departure from the typically light work of the artist. Big Ben has built a reputation as the best stencil artist — stencil artist — in the third largest city in France.

Andrea Villa in Turin, Italy

Sometimes called “the Turinese Banksy”, the political satirist and street artist Villa Andrea created a fake Gillette ad depicting Vladimir Putin with a Hitler mustache. Andrea Villa is famous for his incisive advertising posters; this one went viral in part thanks to a retweet from the hacker group Anonymous.

Stanislav Belovski in Sofia, Bulgaria

In Sofia, the capital of former communist Bulgaria, a striking work of pop artist Stanislav Belovski depicts Russian President Vladimir Putin carrying his own lifeless body. Belovski is known for borrowing from pop culture and connecting current political news to larger events in art history.

Tuse in Gdansk, Poland

A mural of Putin, Hitler and Stalin with a “No More Time” slogan has appeared on a wall next to the PKM Gdansk Jasien station. It is the work of one of Poland’s most recognizable street artists, Piotr Tuse Jaworskibetter known as Tuse, and the first of a series of anti-war “Solidarity with Ukraine” murals appearing in Gdansk.

Kelu Abstract in Paris, France

The Butte aux Cailles district in the 13 of the French capitaland arrondissement is a favorite playground for urban artists, such as the portraitist Abstract Keluwhose fresco “Fight for your rights” quickly became one of the most photographed anti-war murals in Paris.

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