Didier Drogba loses his candidacy to become president of the Ivorian football federation

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Didier Drogba lost a controversial bid to become president of the Ivorian Football Federation when he was knocked out after the first round of voting at Saturday’s elective congress.

The former Chelsea star secured just 21 votes in a three-way race, with the other two candidates, Yacine Idriss Diallo (59) and Sory Diabate (50) more than doubling his tally. Diallo won a second round to decide the federation presidency.

Drogba’s candidacy was challenged last year when he first tried to stand for election, but failed to receive the required support from clubs and other interest groups, such as the union players and the coaching association, which he needed to get the nominations.

FIFA then intervened to dissolve the federation, placing control of Ivorian football under a “standardization committee” while the statutes and electoral code were rewritten.

This gave the 44-year-old Drogba the chance to run, but although he received plenty of cheers from the public, he garnered little support within the Ivorian football community.

Earlier this week, he was accused of withdrawing from a live televised debate with the other two candidates hours before it aired on television, according to a statement released by the state broadcaster. The debate took place without him.

Ivory Coast will host the final of the Africa Cup of Nations next year.


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