Canadians can now travel to 33 European countries with train passes under €300

The all-in-one train ticket, the Eurail Global Pass, will allow nationals of Canada and other third countries to travel to 33 European countries for €291.

This provides people with a flexible way to travel within Europe while using sustainable travel alternatives and allows pass holders to travel without having to make a pre-trip reservation, reports

Depending on the ticket purchased, pass holders can travel on the trains as much as they want within a specific time frame, which can range from four days to three months.

Top picks for this trip were countries like France, Germany, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and Italy.

The cost of tickets may vary depending on the age of the traveler and the number of days the pass is valid. A train pass valid for four days over a period of one month costs €239 for those aged 12-27 and €317 for those aged 28 and over.

Some fare options are also available for those who want unlimited travel to 33 different countries for three months, with the price being around €874, while more economical options are perfect for those planning to visit three to five destinations.

The price also determines the class of the train pass, with the option to choose between first and second class, with first class having wider seats, fewer crowds and other benefits.

The Eurail One Country Pass also allows travelers to change specific countries, with prices ranging from €58 to €155. Plus, train travel passes can be paid for in advance and trips can take up to 11 months later, so there’s no need to pick a start date until you traveling, giving travelers flexibility in their schedules. Passes can be purchased online and delivered instantly for free.

Canadian nationals’ interest in traveling to Europe has increased significantly this year, with travel insurance company RATESDOTCA saying demand for European destinations is up nearly 2,000% compared to 2021.

Canadians’ favorite places to visit are the United Kingdom (up 1,832%), followed by Portugal (1,727%), France (623%), Italy (2,933%) and Spain (1,344%).

Travel intelligence data provider Mabrian previously revealed that the top ten cities in Europe for best air quality and best hotel prices, in addition to other factors, were selected Zagreb , Athens, Ljubljana, Rome, Vienna, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, Dubrovnik and Berlin – these cities being promising tourist destinations for visitors.

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