Brexit LIVE: EU mask slips as Sefcovic rejects Frost demand in bitter sabotage plot | Politics | New

Lord Frost proposed a system whereby goods remaining in Northern Ireland could be treated differently from goods moving to the Republic. Speaking on Sunday, Mr. Sefcovic rejected the proposal. He also claimed that the EU could not reverse Brexit despite threats to trigger Article 16.

Speaking to the Andrew Marr Show, he said: “Would the UK agree not to get a glimpse of what is happening in the UK market? Would they accept it? I don’t think so.

“And you just have to understand that if something happens in the EU single market, we have to get the big picture.”

Lord Frost has lambasted his counterpart Maros Sefcovic for the EU’s petty refusal to allow the transport of English oaks to Northern Ireland to be planted in honor of the Queen’s platinum birthday next year.

And the Brexit Minister admitted that his recent trips to the North had filled him with ‘deep concern’ about the situation – while stressing that the UK was ready to take action to ‘safeguard our own position. “. Writing in the Mail on Sunday, Lord Frost said: “We know a lot of drugs and drugs are being phased out. We have seen the Jewish community in Northern Ireland say that they feel in danger because they are struggling to import kosher products from elsewhere in the UK.

“Garden centers cannot obtain many kinds of plants and seeds from the rest of the UK as their import into Northern Ireland is prohibited.”

He added: ‘We are even in a position where plans to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next year by planting trees cannot be properly implemented in Northern Ireland as English oaks and many other trees cannot be moved there – although many were moved until the end of last year, and as far as I know not all have been felled since.

Referring to the Northern Ireland Protocol, the controversial mechanism to prevent a hard border which, according to critics, has instead resulted in a border along the Irish Sea, Lord Frost explained: “Every time I go in Northern Ireland I am very concerned about this situation. . Some want it to be resolved through negotiation; some want us to use the guarantees available under article 16 of the protocol. But everyone wants it resolved.

“I still hope that the EU can show the ambition necessary to solve the problem with an agreement. If they can’t, of course, we’ll have to safeguard our position in other ways.


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