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The head of hardware giant Bunnings revealed that a small number of employees plan to quit over their opposition to vaccination as large employers such as BHP and News Corp begin to roll out vaccination mandates for their staff.

Bunnings chief executive Mike Schneider said that although the staff response to the vaccination had been overwhelmingly positive, the company had started to see some workers resign due to state government demands for them. get the vaccine.

Bunnings chief executive Mike Schneider said the company will give employees plenty of time to make up their minds on vaccination.,Credit:Eddie Jim.

“We have already had a very small number of team members here in Melbourne who have indicated that they will be leaving Bunnings,” he said. “And we’ve heard the same from some of our business customers with contractors and the like who aren’t ready to get vaccinated. “

Mr Schneider said the issue of mandatory vaccines was a delicate one, but if Victorian employees fail to meet the government’s deadline of requiring licensed workers to be vaccinated by November 26, then those workers will not be able to legally work with the ‘business.


“What we’re not going to say is, ‘If you’re not vaccinated by November 26, you’re fired,’” he said.

Meanwhile, a number of other companies are embarking on their own compulsory vaccination programs. In an email to staff, News Corp chief executive Michael Miller noted that any NSW or Victoria employee who could not work remotely would be required to be vaccinated due to health instructions from the ‘State.

Mining giant BHP also announced today that it will require employees to be fully immunized by January 31 to access all sites and offices.

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