Nostalgia: Iconic Manchester United Fans Named ‘King Eric’


Photo: Alex Ferguson and Eric Cantona after United’s FA Cup semi-final victory over Chelsea, March 1996 (00469412) © Mirrorpix

Fiery, passionate and rich in talent, Eric Cantona has become the talisman of a Manchester United team that won four Premier League titles in five years and two League and FA Cup double in the 1990s.

The French international arrived at Old Trafford with a bang. Former teammate Roy Keane remembers his first sight in November 1992 after being signed for £ 1.2million.

“Collar raised, back straight, chest protruding, Eric slipped into the arena as if he owned the premises,” said the Reds legend.

What memories do you have of the mercurial striker Cantona and his fellow footballers from the 90s?

Why not test your knowledge in our popular quiz and compare your score with your friends?

Good luck with the quiz. The answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. From which club did Manchester United recruit Eric Cantona in November 1992

A) Auxerre

B) Nimes

C) Leeds United

2. How many senior internationals has Cantona played for France?

A) 25

B) 35

C) 45

3. Cantona’s team-mate David Beckham made his senior debut for Manchester United in which year?

A) 1992

B) 1994

C) 1996

Alex Ferguson and Eric Cantona after United’s FA Cup semi-final victory over Chelsea, March 1996 (00469412) © Mirrorpix

4. How many league games did Cantona play for Manchester United from 1992 to 1997?

A) 143

B) 183

C 223

5. Midfielder Roy Keane was in the same United team as Cantona from 1993 to 1997.

Which club did Keane join the Red Devils from for a UK transfer record of £ 3.75million?

A) Sunderland

B) The city of Birmingham

C) Nottingham Forest

Eric Cantona attends the Football Extravaganza at the Grosvenor Hotel in London, March 2005 (00567626) © Mirrorpix

6. In addition to playing football, Cantona is known to be an actor, director, producer and sometimes a philosopher.

What role did he play in the 1998 film Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett?

A) The Count of Valois

B) The diplomat Paul de Foix

C) The Dolphin

Bearded Eric Cantona with co-star Steve Evets at the Looking For Eric premiere, June 2009 (00341127) © Mirrorpix

7. Who directed the film Looking for Eric in 2009 in which Cantona played?

A) David Puttnam

B) Mike Leigh

C) Ken Loach

8. In which French city was Cantona born in May 1966?

A) Rouennais

B) Marseilles

C) Parisian

9. Eric Cantona recently appeared in a major TV ad campaign for What Beer?

A) Guinness

B) Coors Lite

C) Stella Artois

10. Cantona was banned from football for eight months in January 1995 for kung fu kicking a rowdy in a crowd.

At the resulting press conference, he made his famous comment: “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. Thank you very much.”

On what ground did the incident occur?

A) Old Trafford

B) St James Park

C) Selhurst Park


1 C); 2 (C); 3 (B); 4 (A); 5 (C); 6 (B); 7 (C); 8 (B); 9 (C); 10 (C)

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